Holbert Enterprises,Carburetor Repair, Web Design and Photography has officially gone out of business.

I will continue to maintain the web sites that I am responsible for, but no new sites. The photography was not doing anything anyway in the way of a business.

According to the IRS, everything I do is classed as a “Hobby” and not a business. This is the official notification. Last day of business was April 18, 2017.

Visit From Grand Daughter

Last week, Catherine “Chatty” Underwood and her husband, Samuel Underwood, with their daughter, Olivia and son, Preston, spent three wonderful days in the Baton Rouge area. They visited the homes of Barbara Morris and husband, McQuail Morris and the home of Ryland Gardner and Liz Herbert & son and they visited the home of Jeremy Herbert and Ophelia Taylor and their two boys.

The Underwood’s are on their way to visit the home of Sam’s father in Pensacola, FL and for a family reunion with his brothers and sister.

Sam and “Chatty” Underwood live in Waldorf, Maryland. Olivia is a “A” student and a 9 years old, speaks and writes Japanese. Four year old Preston loves cars and fire trucks. Preston sat in the Mr. Skip Camaro and did not want to get out.