The car continued to run very well but the track went away overnight. This is real strange for the traction to be better on Friday night than on Saturday for a points race, but that was the case.

We lost in the 1st round of Top Doorslammer, after we were the #23 qualifier, out of 28 cars in the class. We had to run the #9 qualifier.

We did a Buy Back into Super-Pro and had to run a beautiful 2002 Camaro belonging to Charles Oubre of New Iberia, LA. Charles had a red light start, giving us the win. The 2002 had dialed in a time just slightly slower than our car and had left first and stayed ahead of us for the whole run.

I turned around and did not see the cars cross the finish line. Before I could get away from the starting line, people were screaming and saying, “Kevin had a wreck”! I turned around and saw a big plumb of black smoke going up into the sky.

I ran to our pit and took off on the motorcycle for the top end of the track. On the way, I heard the track announcer say, both drivers are out of their cars and are OK. On the way, I called Barbara and told her we had had a wreck, but Outlaw was out of the car.

When I arrived at the top end, I saw the 2002 Camaro, still smoking, in the right lane and a part of the wall had been knocked over. Our car was perpendicular to the wall, on the left side of the track. We had run in the right lane and the 2002 Camaro had run in the left lane.

Outlaw saw me and came over and tried to explain what had happened, but all I wanted to know was, “Are you OK? How is the other driver?

Outlaw told me he had not hit the other car or the wall! He had stopped and run over to try to help the other driver out of the burning car. He talked about the fear of running to the burning car and trying to get the other drivers seat belts loose and helping the driver out.

After calming Outlaw down, a little, I located the other driver, Charles Oubre, and talked to him. He was busy on his phone talking to family and friends, but told me he was OK. I was very happy about that.

Later in the day, Charles came over and thanked Outlaw for helping him get out of the car. Very classy young man. Charles also knows another classy racer from New Iberia, Mr. Van Johnson.

We started up my 67 Camaro and drove it back to the pits to check the tires and to continue calming Outlaw. I was very proud of him!

We lost in the next round, but we were still very happy for the way out weekend came out.


We Win! Friday Night Super Pro $$$

We were hitting on all cylinders Friday night as we went through 4 rounds and did not miss a beat. “Outlaw” took over after Mr. Skip made a test pass at 8.89 @ 150 MPH to test out his new glasses. I did not feel very comfortable and asked Outlaw to take over ( I did have a .017 RT for my only pass.

We are in need of a new set of tires. I am looking to try a set of Hoosiers for the 1st time. I want to move up to 33″ tall at 14.5″ wide. We now run 32 x 14s x 15 M/T tires. My limit is on the fender well, on the outside top. I have a lot of room in the inside. A different wheel backspace would work to take advantage of that tub space.

During eliminations, we took out two dragsters and a little truck before meeting “Bubba” in The Lizard”. Outlaw cut a better light and took the win running a 5.57 @ 124 MPH, on a 5.57 Dial-In. We were super happy with our win!