Jeremy Herbert, grandson, graduated from ITI Technical College with an Associates Degree in Process Technology on Friday, March 3, 2017. Many family members attended to support and cheer him on. Jeremy has accepted an offer for a position at Dow Chemical Corp. Congratulations Jeremy! PHOTOS

Granddaughter update

Many family members traveled to New Orleans Saturday to visit with Myeshia. She is doing well. She can communicate by writing now, and she really writes well! When asked, “Who is that ?” , she wrote, ” My grandfather, “Father Skip”! She is giving the “thumbs up” and OK signs and she gave me a Hi-5 when we agreed on something that excited her.

We are very happy with her progress and pray that she will continue to improve. The facility at Touro, in New Orleans is suppose to be the best at brain rehab in the area. They have her standing, with support and making good progress on trying to get her left side back to normal.

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes.

Car Time

I changed the oil last week and that became an adventure. The new headers are too close to the oil filter and would not allow a filter wrench to get on the outside of the filter to screw it off (without loosening the headers). This was not the case with the old headers. We only need about 3/8″ more to clear. After using a VW ring compressor, I got the old one off. I found that the K&N BBC oil filter has a 1″ socket fitting on the bottom. This is what I used for a replacement of my Fram HP-4 filter.

I also warmed the engine and checked the setting of the valves. Only two were a little too tight, #8 exhaust and #4 intake were both .002″ tight.

I also greased the front end (4 fittings).