Barbara Morris, Lizzie Herbert, Mrs. Barbara and myself, took a quick trip to St. Louis last weekend. We had to attend the funeral of our cousin, Robertine Bond. Mrs. Barbara and Robertine grew up in Port Allen, LA. Robertine graduated from Grambling and Barbara followed her to Grambling in 1966. We went to support her son, Daniel Bond and his wife and daughter and to to honor Robertine. The service was very nice.

After the main event, the girls went sightseeing and went to the top of the Gateway Arch in downtown St. Louis. They had a good time while I took a nap in our hotel. We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott in Crave Cove, MO. The room was a two room suite with Barbara and I in one king bed and Mrs. Barbara Morris and Lizzie in a two-queen bedroom. Lots of space and real comfortable.

Mrs. Barbara did all the driving and we made it in record time, counting the amount of stops for food and drinks. The car performed great! We did run into three fierce thunder storms on the way up there. The type that many drivers pull over for, but Barbara kept on going and drove like a champ. We had a very good return trip.