Admission & Parking

In the old days, 60’s, when you went to the track you were charged one entry fee to be a spectator or to race. The purse came from the gate. You could race your car or watch. I can understand the price of everything has gone up and admission is still relatively low.

Parking was first come, first served. This last item is the most bothersome to me. On regular weekend race days, non special event, the parking should be unrestricted, not including spots that have services such at water, sewage and electric service. All other spots should still be unrestricted. The Friday night restriction is especially bad for the street racers but it hurts all of us, especially people that do not have enclosed trailers that want to leave their cars and trucks at the track overnight on racing weekends. This parking policy should be revisited and changed.
(Updated 10-24-16)