State Capitol Raceway Racer Appreciation Weekend

We made 16 passes (about 1/3 of the passes that Wayne Henry made) from Friday night to Sunday evening. The car ran excellent. Our only two problems were, two cracked header tubes (360 degrees) on the drivers side, and our throttle cable moved and we were not getting full open on the carburetor. We were very happy with the car, especially my engine.

Outlaw will have his truck back shortly and I will be looking for another driver. I will fill in occasionally until I can train someone. I have some grandsons that I would love to have in the drivers seat.

PHOTOS – Sunday Oct. 9, 2016 SCR – Racer Appreciation

PHOTOS – Friday Night & Saturday

B. Gaines Testing Pro-Mod at SCR on Sunday, 10-9-2016 (You Tube video) new 10-17-16