Barbara and “Mr. Skip” hosted the monthly meeting of BMRT on Sunday Sept. 25, 2016. Members, which included the spouses, attended.

The meeting was very productive and the food was great. The food, supplied by Barbara and Skip, consisted of “Skips” home-made Jambalaya, bar-b-cue baby-back ribs, and a assorted seafood tray, backed beans, potato salad , cake and ice cream and cold drinks.

The major item of discussion during the meeting was the flood victims. The team approved several donations to families that were effected. Only one of our members was effected, Johnell Redd, but several relatives and friends of members were put out of their homes and are residing with members of the team. A check was given to each of those families and a check was given to Wilford, who is now at home.

Baton Rouge S.M.A.R.T. Program

Originally conceived as a program to support the Auto-Technology programs inside inner-city Baton Rouge at Capital High School, Glen Oaks High School and McKinley High School. This started in 2002. The SMART Program has become almost non-extant during the past few years due to the loss of the Auto-Tech programs at Capital and Glen Oaks high schools.

After the loss of the Auto-Tech programs, BR SMART looked for other avenues to help students and gave their support to any student that was deserving of our help.

As a Non-profit approved IRS 501(c)(3) organization, for the past 14 years, we have been helping selected students with college tuition, living expenses and books. Awards for each student have been between $300 and $1000 to each student.

During the past flooding event in our area, BR SMART has reached out to help several needy families.

Baton Rouge SMART Program’s President is Warren O. Birkett, Sr. and he also serves as Treasurer. The Vice-President and Secretary is Oliver “Skip” Holbert, Jr.. These two are the only remaining members of the organization. Warren and “Mr. Skip” will continue to support the students of our area.