The Mr. Skip Camaro was on the track for the first time since Father’s Day and came out of the trailer with a 8.64 @ 15.10 MPH. Our 1/8 mile time was 5.64 @ 122 MPH. Outlaw noted that the last time he entered into the box in June, was 5.64 for our dial-in. Is that consistent or not? The next pass was 5.631 @ 122 MPH and everything was working just as we wanted it too.

We made one pass in competition, Super-Pro Money and lost to a little gray S-10 truck when Outlaw let him have the stripe thinking he might break out. I really thought we had it. We would have run Silas Jr. in the next round. Silas Jr. was the winner of Super-Pro $$$. Congratulations Silas Jr.