Month: October 2016

Trip To St. Louis

Barbara Morris, Lizzie Herbert, Mrs. Barbara and myself, took a quick trip to St. Louis last weekend. We had to attend the funeral of our cousin, Robertine Bond. Mrs. Barbara and Robertine grew up in Port Allen, LA. Robertine graduated from Grambling and Barbara followed her to Grambling in 1966. We went to support her […]
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Oct. 12, 2016 Happy Birthday Houston Hawkins!

Admission & Parking In the old days, 60’s, when you went to the track you were charged one entry fee to be a spectator or to race. The purse came from the gate. You could race your car or watch. I can understand the price of everything has gone up and admission is still relatively […]
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Summer – Fall 2016

State Capitol Raceway Racer Appreciation Weekend We made 16 passes (about 1/3 of the passes that Wayne Henry made) from Friday night to Sunday evening. The car ran excellent. Our only two problems were, two cracked header tubes (360 degrees) on the drivers side, and our throttle cable moved and we were not getting full […]
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Bracket Masters Racing Team Meeting

Barbara and “Mr. Skip” hosted the monthly meeting of BMRT on Sunday Sept. 25, 2016. Members, which included the spouses, attended. The meeting was very productive and the food was great. The food, supplied by Barbara and Skip, consisted of “Skips” home-made Jambalaya, bar-b-cue baby-back ribs, and a assorted seafood tray, backed beans, potato salad […]
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Back On Track!

The Mr. Skip Camaro was on the track for the first time since Father’s Day and came out of the trailer with a 8.64 @ 15.10 MPH. Our 1/8 mile time was 5.64 @ 122 MPH. Outlaw noted that the last time he entered into the box in June, was 5.64 for our dial-in. Is […]
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