Looking At Schedule

We are pointing towards to running the car this coming Friday to do a little testing and in the $$$ bracket to dust off some rust from the Summer layoff. We have Kevin’s Quick-fuel carburetor on my car to test it out and see what the difference is between my Holley 1250 and his Quick fuel 1150. I am going to guess that it will be about 3 tenths in the 1/8 mile, or a little less. The Quick fuel will be jetted a little better for this hot weather (smaller jets).

We plan to run in the first Top Doorslammer race in October after we complete our testing. Outlaw will have his truck ready by then, so I will need a driver. Since I don’t care for one person driving two cars (that are not his own), that cuts it down a lot.

I have been looking for one of the young guns to learn to drive my car, but so far, I have not found one that meets my requirements or is not already spoken for. I do still have a license…

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