If you are a Veteran, you may be eligible for some help with your flood recovery. This help is available from the State of Louisiana through the local V.A. office at, 1755 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA on the 3rd floor. The building is on the corner, close to the cemetery, and there is plenty of parking in the back of the building.

Bring a DD-214 or a military ID card or your VA ID card card. Sign in and get the form from the person at the window in the VA office. This is the same office where you apply for VA Disability benefits. Help is available but you can take to form and complete it at home, and turn it in later.

Nobody can tell you what you will get or when you will get it. That will, most likely, be determined by the amount of loss you had during the flood.

PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO OTHER VETS. THIS IS WORD OF MOUTH ONLY (just like the last two major hurricanes when the VA gave out money). I would not know about it if I had not been in the office for other business. Since I had no loss, I did not apply.