We are OK! By the grace of God, we did not get a enough water to do anything but wet a small part of the garage floor. Two of my neighbors have to replace floors in one or two rooms.

Barbara and I would like to say to everyone that has experienced a loss during this latest Louisiana disaster. They are calling this flood, “The Great Flood of 2016”. Before now, the flood of 1083 was the worse one in recent history, back to the early 1900’s. I was here for the flood of 1983. They called it, “The 100 year flood”. This one must be the 500 year flood.

I have to believe that Climate Change is for real and we must do something to slow down the erosion of our earth. (Thank you Shannun for reminding me.)

During the rain, before the flood, I rebuilt 4 Holley carburetors. Gave me something to do while watching (listening) to the Olympics. How about those “Final Five” and “Bolt”!