I have been looking at the data from all my runs. The big thing I learned is, I need another Weather Station> During the past three months, we have lost due to break-out more than red lights. The car is very, very consistent. Reminds me of my “Masterpiece” with the 383 SBC car. That car was very consistent and we won many rounds. Usually when we lost, it was because I did not believe the Weather Station, which was usually correct.

On a brighter note, we ran out all of our runs from 1320go and looked at the data from the past weekend. The first thing that jumped out was the first pass on Friday evening. The car ran a 8.966 @ 150 MPH in 91F degree heat and 56% Humidity (according to the track weather monitors. About 45 min. later, we ran 8.921 @ 150 MPH, in 88F degree heat with 61% Humidity. Before the engine overhaul and the change from 555 CID up to 565 CID, the best I could do at those temps. was around 9.17 @ 146 MPH. The other changes to the engine was a new set of AFR 355 heads and a new 1250 CFM Holley carburetor. The cam was not changed. The cam is a COMP Cams roller with .748/.748 lift and .284/.296 duration. I have run this same cam since 2006. I would probably run quicker if I changed to a more up to date cam to match my heads. When I hit the lottery or my SS check gets a raise, maybe I will change the cam. On the other hand, this proves something about matching the right parts. We have run the same gear (4.56:1) and PG Transmission with 5700 stall, Coan, sprageless, converter. We have run that since 2006 also.

Starter Adventure

During the past week, with nothing else to do, I took apart two starters that were not working and tried to make one good on out of them. I learned a lot! Most of all I learned that I do not have the special tools necessary to Re-assemble the starter. But, being a old submarine electrician, I improvised and got one of them working. Tie-wraps, needle-nose vice-grips and a battery charger to run tests, works wonders. I did have to order a few new part to make both of them work, but right now, I have one good working spare.

If I had to repair starter for a living, I would have some good small gear and bearing removers and installers, some snap-ring pliers that are very small and a few other special tools. After this, I will just pay the Alternator/Starter shop to work on my starters.