The day started out well, with Outlaw swapping out my starter. We checked out the rest of the car and did not find anything else wrong. The only problem was the unbearable heat. I almost passed out and had to stay under the A/C in the trailer for several long periods. Heat and old age do not mix well. The Bracket Masters Racing Team did a good job on the race. After cars slowly trickled in, we actually had a very good turn-out. We ran in Top Doorslammer and qualified with a 5.673 on the 2nd pass. We lost in the 1st round on a double red light start for both drivers. We bought back into Super-pro and we were matched up with Patrick Allen’s Camaro again. This time it was a different story as we won the round when they went a little too quick and “Outlaw” ran a 5.650 on a 5.64 dial-in. After winning rounds 2 and 3, we ended up having to run my good friend Reggie Jackson in his Mopar Dragster. Reggie beat us when we went too quick with a 5.638 on a 5.64 dial-in. That ended out night, but we had lots of fun and the car ran super and Outlaw was on his game. Video: Mr. Skip Loses To Reggie Jackson’s Mopar