The Air Damn works very well! We ran in 88 degree late afternoon weather, with 68% Humidity and we had a 8.98 @ 149 MPH. We were vary happy. There were no other changes from 2 weeks ago. Later that evening, with the temp about the same, we had a 8.91 @ 150 MPH in the left lane (1/8 time was, 5.66 @ 121 MPH).

The Fathers Day Classic was rained out. It has been rescheduled to: July 9, 2016 at State Capitol Raceway.
June 20, 2016.

We Are Ready To Go!

We finished the Air Damn and checked it out as much as possible in the shop, but what we really needed was a test hit at the track. I did not want to take a chance last Friday night, due to the rain, although they did run at SCR.

Everything seems to be falling into place for the Fathers Day Classic. Now all we have to look at, and pray for, is the weather.

Gary says the parking will be open, 1st come 1st served on Saturday. That’s good.

Looks like some cars that have not run in a while will be ready for this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing the new car of Lloyd and Bryan Gaines run. I know two more that should be ready, but they may want to surprise folks. People will be working around the clock and keeping one eye on the sky.