We decided to put the air damn back under the carburetor to stop the hot air from under the hood from entering the carb..

Before we ran on last Sunday, 5/22/15, we looked at two plugs and determined that we were in the ball park on jets. Right now we have 100/102 and the plugs are light brown. The temps. have been in the mid-80’s and high 70’s for most of our runs these past few weeks.

Between Outlaw and myself, we cut and fit a nice piece of Lexan to go under the carburetor. It is just like the one I had before the old hood deiced to take a flight. With temps. getting back into the Summertime 90’s, we will probably have to re-jet too. I will not play with the jets until we make a couple of good passes and pull plugs again.

I worked on a small rear end oil leak and found a hair-line crack around the passenger side tube that goes into the differential. I sealed it with “The Right Stuff” for now. Next time the rear end is out, I will have it welded 360 degrees.