I have learned something about my car electrical system that some of you may already know, but it is new to me.

During testing of the new box, I found some continuity that I did not understand. To make a very long story shorter, I found that my alternator completes a ckt. through the case of the alternator back to the grounded side of the system. It is very, very high ohmic value, but it does show up on a multi-meter.

Before I figured that out, I had disconnected most of the +12V wiring I had done on the new delay box installation. In fact, I had to go to sleep and dream about it before I decided to take the alternator out of the ckt. (turn off switch in trunk). When that was done, everything tested as it should have.

I cleaned all of my grounds and all of my battery connections while I was troubleshooting. The battery disconnect switch was replaced also.

Today I set up all my screens in the new delay box. It has a reaction time tester built in also. Lots of fun, but the numbers are confusing. I had to go to my instructions for my Final Round IV reaction tester (Practice Tree) to help understand what the numbers were telling me (Drivers Reaction Time).