I started to install a new, Mega 350 Digital Delay, delay box last night. First I want to share a Facebook post from BG_BG on his new car. This is “Awesome”. Can’t wait to see it go down the track:

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Back to the delay box. This is a lesson in listening to your driver. Last year in February, Outlaw made a pass in eliminations and left as soon as the bottom staged light came on. He said the box did not work right. I drove the car and everything worked as it should have, so I blew it off. Two weeks ago, I had the same thing happen to me and I know I did everything right. We determined the problem is low voltage to the box. The box works great when the voltage is above about 11.8 volts. Below that, it flashes to warn you of the low voltage condition. If I had a 16 volt system, this would not be a problem. The new box has many features that my old one does not have. The best feature is the “back-lit display”. Now we will not have to use a flashlight at night. I called Outlaw and told him he was right, over a year ago, and we needed a new delay box. I had already purchased the unit back in February of 2015 and It has been on the shelf for all this time. Today the installation will be completed and I hope to test in the near future.