I gapped, indexed and installed a new set of NGK-7 plugs and made up a full set of MSD, 8.5mm, spark plug wires. I took the old set of Autolite plugs out and cleaned them up, set the gap again and put them back up for emergency use. I also have a full set of emergency use spark plug wires.

I changed the oil and oil filter Seven qts. of Lucus Syn. 10W-50 and a Fram HP4 Racing oil filter. I added about a pint of gear oil to my rear end.

Looking at the plugs that came out, we may be too rich. One of my friends observed some black smoke during the last burn-out, which would indicate a rich condition. We did have 94 jets and a power-valve in the front. We have 102 jets in the rear (1250 CFM Carb.). We removed the power-valve, put in a plug and 100 jets. Temperatures are starting to climb back up and the jets need to be cut back some anyway. I have to run some tests to determine what is best for the new combination. For now, we will leave it alone, since the last pass was so good, giving us the best MPH ever. I will make a full pass and pull a couple of plugs at the top end of the track and that will tell me exactly what I need to do.
April 22, 2016 update