Today I started the car, checked the trans. fluid and listened to everything run. Everything seems to be perfect. Can’t wait to get out there for the 1st time this season.

Looks like some rain today and Thursday, but should clear early Friday. I will try to get out there early on Friday, since I don’t have an assigned space.

Seems the word on purchasing parking spaces did not get out to everyone at the same time. I only heard about it in early March, and that was from a fellow racer. The spaces went up for sale the first week in February. I can see a lot of problems with the spaces, but I will wait and see. Out of town racers will be really at a loss for where to park and will be moving a lot (just like I had to do at Hattiesburg the last time I ran there). The grass and back under the trees is the only place to park for free, I think.

The SCR web site should have a map on where the assigned spaces are located, or where the free space is located. Either one would help.

I may have to get over my phobia on running at No Problem Raceway. Since I wrecked down there, I have only run my car there once. I am positive that my wreck was caused by my rack & pinion coming loose from the left wheel attachment point. There was nothing wrong with the track. I just…