We spent most of last weekend moving my grand daughter. At least my trailer moved her. I would have been very happy at the track on Sunday trying to get ready for this racing season.

Looks like the rain will wipe out the opener for this weekend. I hope the IHRA Pro-Am gets done without any problems.

I did get to start the car and warm it up, run it through all the gears and check out everything. It has been sitting since last November when I did that spin on the track.

I am going to drive again this year on a very limited basis, at least in the Father’s Day race. That means I have to get ready by driving a few rounds before that.

I have been talking about building a mild, pump-gas, small block Chevy engine for my car. Just something to run in the mid-13 or 14 second range so I don’t have to wear all that gear. I already have a good block, and the other parts can be obtained without much trouble. This would be a 2017 project.