For the past two months, I have been repainting the inside of my trailer. After the top was replaced and half of the inside ceiling, I decided to paint the floor. That came out OK, but it showed up the rest of the inside as being ugly.

I have now completed all the walls, cabinets and some of the trim. I painted everything white. I still have the fender-wells to go (black) and after painting the sides, I have to retouch the gray floor. I put some non-skid in the floor paint and it works very well.

I also got some aluminum paint to paint all the outside hinges and some of the other trim.

The big part that will not get painted just yet is the “Vee” at the front. I want to get that done with a “wrap”. I hope to be done by the end of February.

One last thing. The inside has been dry through all the rain and wind that we have had. No Leaks! Not even through the A/C unit. I am very happy with my repairs on the roof and inside ceiling. Thanks “Pro-Pull Trailers”.