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Happy New Year 2016!

From My Family To Yours, The Holbert’s Wish All Of You A Very Healthy, Rich & Happy New Year! God Bless Us All.

  • Rising Water and Floods
  • We are praying for all of our racing friends in the St. Louis area and all along the rivers that are rising and putting families out of their homes and businesses. In our area, the water will not crest until January 18th or around that time. We are not predicted to get as high as we did in 2011, but that was high enough to cause major flooding in some of our areas that are not protected by concreat reenfourced levies. If the spillway is opened it will be good for some and bad for others.
  • Racing Season

Looks like the racing in our area will not start for any serious competition until February. We have a lot of test-and-tune before that. Keep an eye on the two tracks schedules. There may be sone races before that.

Well, I am going back to watching football and eating… I started the car last week, just to hear it run. It is still ready to go, and so am I.

NHRA Changes?

There is suppost to be some changes announced by NHRA about their license requirements. They are about to back down some on the requirements (they may be closer to IHRA… Would you believe that??!!). Keep and eye on National Dragster and the NHRA web site.