The past few days have been packed with activity, but not much of it working on the engine. Barbara and I spent all day Weds. in New Orleans. I had a doctor apt. and after that we visited the new, remodeled Riverwalk. The transformation is very nice. If you go, make sure you get your parking ticket validated, if you spend at least $20. You pay about 1/2 of the normal rate (which is still too high!).

I do have all the rods measured and the mains are in the block, but that’s all. At this rate, I may not make the Fathers Day Race on June 20th. I want to test at least a week before I get into competition.

The good thing is, I have not found anything to set me back, so far. I did order a nice digital, 2-3″ micrometer, but I will be done before it gets here (maybe). I found a very good web site that has tutorial on how to read all types of measuring instruments, including metric instruments.

I have to go to my church on Saturday and oversee work on the organ, which quit last Sunday. We have Revival starting on Weds. of this coming week. That will take some more of my assembly time. The weather has been so bad, all of our tracks will be backed up with Rain Dates. We have to pray for good weather onĀ Saturday, June 20th for our Fathers Day Race.