We just returned from 10 days of glorious days of vacation in South Carolina. We stayed in Hilton Head Island, SC and took a one day side trip to Charleston, SC where we took a tour of the city.

The trip was excellent, Barbara did most of the driving and I enjoyed the ride. The 2013 XPS performed without flaw.

We did just about all of our Christmas shopping while we were in South Carolina.

After we returned, my Christmas present was installed. Barbara had my office remodeled with new hardwood floors and a new desk with wall unit with cabinets. It is really nice. Only one problem. Everything is lost, or in boxes, or hidden so we can’t find anything. The shop is full of office equipment and things out of the trailer, which is being painted on the inside. For a while all of the electronics, computer, security system and phones were down. We will, most likely, be disorganized for the next few months. It is beautiful! I love it.

The installing company did not take into account all of the electronics that I have in here and that caused a delay in installing everything. In fact, I had to do the majority of the wiring and hole cutting to make everything fit and look professional. My Navy electrical training came in handy. A good hole saw was another big asset! I have also done all the painting to make the walls nice behind the new wall units. Johnny Tate has given me technical direction in paint selection and how to handle the baseboards and shoe molding.