Neither one wanted to retire, and they don’t know when to quit!

Except for a few seconds, I had a ball driving on Sunday in the Battle On The Bayou. I only won one round but that was the most exciting one. Almost hit the wall, almost crossed the center line, almost spun the car around, but still managed to win the round. Scared my wife almost to death and Kevin, Reggie,Silas, Jr, Gary May and James Mott, along with plenty of others, were really more upset than I was. Through it all, I was very calm.

I did allow Outlaw to make the next round, after a through check under the car and under the hood, looking for what could have been the problem. We did not find anything wrong and it was determined that I had backed up too close to the wall on my burn-out and got the right side rear tire full of sand and other stuff.

The car went straight on the next pass and Outlay made the quickest pass that the car ever made; 5.510 @ 123.9 MPH. Earlier I had gone 5.532 @ 123.2 MPH (1/8 mile times). Not bad for my 2nd time driving this year since Father’s Day!

Saturday was a washout and after the forecast for the weekend was suppose to be very good, I woke up to heavy rain and it continued for most of the day, even when they said it was clearing. The track finally gave up around 4:pm and called it a day.

That’s it for racing at SCD this year, except for Sunday Test & Tune until the end of the year. See the SCR Web Site.

For the past two weeks our house has been in a state of repair. We are having new floors put down in some rooms, including the office. The computer has been out for all that time. It is still not 100% back on line. As soon as all the work is complete AND we get things back in place (providing we find everything), we will get back to weekly updates and some photos.

It’s the end of the racing season anyway, and it’s the end of football season (college) and it is holiday time. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other things to do with the holidays!

This is Bayou Classic weekend! Go S. U.! We will send Grambling back to north Louisiana!