This was the first big points race after the summer break and the car ran just perfect. The car did not miss a beat all night. We did not have our hood back yet so we ran with the K& N Air Cleaner and an open engine compartment. The car seemed to like it.

Friday night we made three passes and picked up where we had left off the week before. Kevin was sharp in time trials, with back to back .002 & .003 reaction times and the car ran a best of 8.83 @ 149 MPH. We lost in the first round of eliminations when Kevin;s concentration got broken by a stop and wait after he had started his burn-out and had a very bad light. He ran dead on, 5.604 on a 5.60 dial-in.

Friday Night VIDEO 3 Runs

Saturday was no better. We lost in the first round of Top Doorslammer due to a red light. We bought back into Super Pro and won two rounds, where we put two dragsters on the trailer, and then we had another red light in round 4 to end our day. On that last pass, we had another 5.60 on a 5.60 dial-in.

I don’t know which had the most effect on how good the car is running (going straight), the new shocks and coil-overs, or the anti-sway bar. Although I think I know the answer, I am not about to try to do any experimenting to find out. The Go-Pro camera inside the car shows Kevin just taking a normal ride down the track, with no fighting of the wheel, as he use to do.

Trailer Repairs

I dropped the trailer off for some much needed repairs at Pro-Pull Trailers of Greenwell Springs, LA. We had settled on a few leak repairs on my trailer top and a few other things. They called the next day and sent photos of the rotten areas of my roof that will make it necessary to replace the whole roof, instead of just two sections.

I researched getting a new trailer, but the repairs will cost much, much less than a new trailer. Since I cannot store a longer trailer than the one I have, and I have made this one fit all of our needs, I am going to stick with this old trailer.

Weather Station

I also did some on-line research on hand-held weather stations. After I recover from the trailer repairs, I may invest in one.

Battle-On-The-Bayou – Oct. 31st and The Ironman Classic – Nov. 21st. I will probably drive in these two events. I would love to win an Ironman trophy.    PHOTOS