Well, Friday night wasn’t exactly cool, around 72 degrees and 58% humidity, but that was great for Louisiana! We made two 1/4 mile time trials and had a 8.929 @ 148 MPH and then come back with a best ever, 8.852 @ 149 MPH! We were super happy!

I forgot all the cameras at home and did not get any photos all night.

The car was really running great. I was very proud of how it performed (I built the engine, so when/if it blows, I’ll take credit for that too).

During eliminations, over the 1/8 mile, we had a Red Light start and lost in the 1st round. The car ran a 5.604 @ 121 MPH. The run before that, 2nd time trial, was a 5.603 @ 121 MPH in the same lane. Nice and consistent.

All of these runs were made without the hood. The hood was delivered to the paint shop on Monday and should be ready by the race on October 24th.

We changed oil and filter before we went to the track on Friday. I also swapped the rear tires. Best 60′ time was, 1.257 sec. The week before we had a best of 1.267 sec. with no other changes except the tire swap (and weather).