Although we finished the installation in time to go to the race on Friday for the Gamblers Race, when we put the car on the scales, things did not come out to our satisfaction and we did not take the car to the track.

Right now we are making some hard decisions about the springs in the front of the car. We are going to complete the scaling when we decide on the plan of attack on the front springs.

Thanks to Mr. Reggie Jackson for all of his help and to my driver, Kevin “Outlaw” Gray for all of his help too. Len Augustus did a fine job on the Anti-Sway Bar installation.

We were looking at taking the car out for a test pass or two this weekend, but the weather looks bad for all the days except Sunday, Sept. 13th. We will keep an eye on the sky and make a move when we are able. I need one or two passes to see where I am right now.

I am learning a lot about scaling of drag cars. It is not as easy as it seems. This is especially true if your car is a ladder bar car with no adjustment provision on the front of the car. Strut front end cars have that adjustment and most circle track cars have it too.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about purchasing scales and how to set up to scale your car but I cannot find anything about the correct weights or percentages that we shoot for and how to get there. This is sort of like Head Porting and tricking out a transmission. Each craftsman has there own way and secretes. Scaling is truly an instance of having to, “Pay for Knowledge”.
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