My shocks came in and one of them was bad out of the box. That shock has been returned and we are waiting on another one. The springs are here.

Between Kevin’s insistence and Lynn;s agreement, we have decided to add a Anti-Roll bar to the rear end. That will be our next move. Some modifications to the current configuration must be made to accommodate the new installation.

I read up on the anti-roll (sway-bar) in my old book, “Doorslammers”, and they describe exactly my situation and (one of) the fixes is a anti-roll bar. They also list a host of other things that could be wrong. The increased power of the new engine is part of the cause. With the power, I am causing more flex in different parts of the chassis. Although this was going on for over a year (the old engine was too powerful too), the new engine has exacerbated the problem.

We will not take the car back to the track until some of the changes are ready for testing.