I started at the front and worked my way to the back making corrections according to the recommendations from Lynn Augustus. First I removed both front shocks, Koni adjustable, and set them. The right shock is set at 1-1/4 turn from all the way tight. The left shock is set at, 3/4 turn from all the way tight. I also marked each shock every 1/4 turn on the outer barrel since the shocks are continua adjustable and will actually go around 2-1/8 turns to reach all the way loose.

I then set both rear shocks to 12/18 clicks each for the QA1 coil-over shocks. They are close to being very tight. Lynn does not like them and wants me to change to another brand.

The wheelie bars were next. They were set at, Left = 7.0″ and Right at 7.5″. Now they are set, Left = 6.5″ and Right=6,0″.

We will test it Friday, weather permitting, and make adjustments from there.

I have the new shocks on my “Wish List”. That will be the next move, before we scale the car again. We may need new front springs, but the scales will dictate that.