July 31, 2015 – Mr. Skip Camaro ran a 8.944 @ 146 MPH (5.66 @ 120 MPH in the 1/8), with “Outlaw” at the wheel, during time trials on a 82 degree evening at State Capitol Raceway!

Our only change from last time out, other than the throttle cable repair, was a increase in shift RPM, from 6800 up to 7100 RPM. It was still pulling strong when it crossed the finish line. This indicates we should be shifting even higher. I am not going any higher at this time.

We are still fighting a handling problem. During the first round of eliminations, Outlaw had to get out of it just after the 60 ft. marker as the car went hard right. Nothing was hurt but we had already scheduled a consult with Lynn Augustus to talk about handling problems on Saturday morning.

Lynn concluded that our wheelie bars are set up just the opposite of where they should be. We will try that this coming week. He also concluded that our shocks in the rear may not be doing the job and recommended a different brand, double adjustable coil-over for the rear. This would replace my 5 yr. old, single-adjustable, shocks. This change will happen some time in the future. PHOTOS