Month: August 2015

Friday, No Progress

My shocks came in and one of them was bad out of the box. That shock has been returned and we are waiting on another one. The springs are here. Between Kevin’s insistence and Lynn;s agreement, we have decided to add a Anti-Roll bar to the rear end. That will be our next move. Some […]
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We Won!

A win is a win! Three rounds, of Super Pro Money, to the winners circle and the final was a competition bye run when our opponent could not make it to the line. That would have been Silas Jr., in the little black, low 8 second truck, but he had engine problems. We really wanted […]
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Working On Recommendations

I started at the front and worked my way to the back making corrections according to the recommendations from Lynn Augustus. First I removed both front shocks, Koni adjustable, and set them. The right shock is set at 1-1/4 turn from all the way tight. The left shock is set at, 3/4 turn from all […]
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Oh Happy Day!

July 31, 2015 – Mr. Skip Camaro ran a 8.944 @ 146 MPH (5.66 @ 120 MPH in the 1/8), with “Outlaw” at the wheel, during time trials on a 82 degree evening at State Capitol Raceway! Our only change from last time out, other than the throttle cable repair, was a increase in shift […]
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