After receiving my cable bracket and Morse Cable, I determined that was not what I needed. I got on the phone with Jegs and they sent me the setup that would work with my configuration.

When I got everything on Friday morning, by FedEx, I had it all completed and tested by Friday afternoon. It looks good and works even better. The bracket it black, like the Holley Gen 3 carburetor, and the firewall fit is perfect. Butterflies stand straight up when I press the accelerator to the floor. PHOTOS

GoPro Update

I got my GoPro Hero4 (Silver) camera. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it. Justin Jackson gave me a real good start on learning what can be done.

I have a educational application by the name of, which teaches thousands of subjects, one of which is the GoPro camera. has several tutorials on the different models of the GoPro. I have looked at several of the introductory videos and learned a lot so far.

The GoPro is very accessory intensive. It is so small, almost every application requires a different accessories bundle to mount it. It takes different accessories to protect it, control it or to process the output. It also takes special Mini-Micro SD cards (I have a 64Gb card that is smaller than my thumbnail). Power is another thing. Batteries, chargers and cables are extra cost items. The battery capacity is like back in the day when Camcorders only lasted for an hour and a half or less.

On the other hand, the video and photos are great. I love the resolution and many other things about this litter gem. I can see myself purchasing another one or two in the future. One of the cheaper models and one of the more expensive models that has even better picture quality. Almost all of the accessories will fit the other cameras that I plan to purchase. You can control them using your iPhone or Android phone from 600 ft. away. You can also monitor what is being shot on those same devices. Most of the software is free!