Yesterday I disassembled all of the throttle cable system, from the carburetor to the accelerator. I now see exactly what happened and most of what is needed to fix it.

The parts that I am waiting on should do the trick, with the exception on connecting to the accelerator. I may have to improvise there or order something that will work.

Connecting through the fire wall while providing strength for the cable and accelerator is my next challenge. The original fire wall was removed to provide for an engine set-back. The current fire wall is very thin and flexible.

P. S., I dreamed about my run on Friday, all weekend! Relived each moment (and how I will do better the next time).

GoPro Update

I read some reviews on the GoPro camera. There are several versions available, all with different features.

The latest is much smaller than the current ones, 2.5 oz. cube vs. 5.6 oz. rectangular shape, but must be controlled from a Smartphone or a GoPro Remote controller. The small version also has no viewing on the unit, but can be viewed on the Smartphone or downloaded to a computer.

A roll bar mount is available from Best Buy and it has a lot of other accessories available according to the sport or activity in which you participate.

The GoPro has Bluetooth and WI-Fi built in and can be controlled from approximately 600 feet away. It is waterproof down to 32 feet.

I know at least two other local drivers that have had these cameras in their race cars for over a year. I am still trying to make up my mind which one I want. The Crew Chief (Mrs. Barbara) says we WILL have one soon!