I have been planning to do a few things, but have not done anything yet. I am still proud of the way the engine performed and the good time we had at the race.

Here is a list of things I plan to do over the next few months as we make trips to the track.:

1. Change oil and filter – Done 7-8-15

2. Inspect valve springs – Done 7-8-15

a. Number 4 exhaust valve spring is showing more spring at the top of the retainer than the other valves. Spring does not appear to be broken. Lash was OK (.028″).

3. Check valve lash (hot) – Done – 7-8-15

4. Remove Rt. Front shock (pass. side) and loosen it just a little, 1 3/4 turn. Done – 7-8-15

5. Remove delay button from steering wheel. (Later)

6. Insert 3 second delay (lock-out) in delay button. Done – 7-7-15

7. Remove diaper and inspect oil pan for leaks. Done – 7-8-15

8. Increase launch RPM to 4200 RPM (from 3800) –Moved back to 3800 (from 4200) before 1st run on 7/10/15 Friday night.

9. Try various shift points, now at 6800 RPM (7100) 7/31/15

10, Change fuel from 116 octain back to 112 octain, which is what I always ran in the 555 (CR is 13.8:1). (7/31/15)

11. Changed rear end oil to Lucus Synthetic 74W-90.