I got behind the wheel of Mr. Skip for the first time since Nov. 14 and made one time trial on the first run of the night.

There are some things that a driver just cannot explain so I decided to drive and get the “feel” for myself. Wow! Did I feel it. The new engine is much more responsive and powerful than the old one. Although there is not that much difference in the time slips, Kevin and I both can feel the difference. I say that the time slips do not show much difference, but that is not true. If we factor in the temperature and humidity of comparable runs, there is a lot of difference.

When I made my run on Friday evening, the temp. was 88 degrees and the humidity was approximately 80%. I know that last year we could not run better than 9.20 in that type weather. We could not run better than 5.81 in the 1/8 mile when the tempt. was above 80 degrees. Last night my pass was 9.094 @ 146,91 MPH. Kevin’s pass was 9.028 @ 147.44 MPH and his temp. was 84 degrees. Both passes were well below the 5.79 qualifying 1/8th mile time for Top Doorslammer.

I may have mentioned this earlier, but I read something by Coan Transmissions that said sprageless converters take a .020 hit in the 1/4 mile time but are equal to the sprag converter in the 1/8th mile times. I have the sprageless (Coan) converter, which is suppose to be stronger and lasts longer that a sprag converter.

I was very happy with the car and the performance, until we got to eliminations. We broke a throttle cable just after the burn-out in round one of eliminations. I was super-upset. Seems like we just cannot get past that 1st round without some gremlin reaching out and grabbing us.

I had just told Slim Davis, our 1st round opponent, how we were going to put him on the trailer. Slim made an excellent pass after we could not leave the starting line. My friend James Mott, told me not to shoot off my mouth until AFTER the race is over!

Barbara took two good videos of our two passes. It looks like our front shock adjustments worked. We were much more even (although not perfect) in the front when we left the line. Both of us thought the car was easy to drive.

I had raised the starting line RPM from 3800, up to 4200 RPM, but just before my time trial I decided to set it back at 3800. When I left, I could feel some slipping (tire spin) of the rear tires. The 60′ time was, 1.326 sec. in the left lane. Kevin ran in the right lane, where most of the fast cars lined up all night, and he had a 1.298 sixty ft. time. That’s good for Friday early evening passes before much rubber was laid down. I may raise the starting line RPM during a testing session when there are a lot of fast cars.

I can’t wait for September when we run in Top Doorslammer! We may go out a couple of more times before then.

Right now, I have to figure out how to fix this throttle cable, again. Mini Vice-grips seem to work best. That just looks so unprofessional…

Later Today: I took a ride over to my friend, Reggie Jackson, owner/driver of the 7 sec. Mopar Dragster, and we talked about his GoPro camera. Very interesting. Justin, Reggie’s son, who is the expert on the operation of the GoPro camera, showed me all the things that they could do at the track with the camera. I have got to have one of these things!

While there, Reggie and I talked about his throttle cable arrangement on the dragster. Reggie has a Morse cable with under carburetor mount that holds his air scoop. This arrangement is very reliable and heavy duty, especially the throttle cable. I ordered the side mount version for my car and that should be here around the last week in July. Problem solved! Thanks Reggie and Justin.