Today I checked the lash on all my valves. They were all OK except #8 intake and exhaust. They were both loose by .004-.005″. I will keep a close check on them, but I probably made an error in setting them.

I changed the oil and filter and I had a leak on my rear end drain plug. Had to drain the oil to fix it. I took the opportunity to change to $ynthetic oil.

I was ready, I thought, to do a Leak-Down Test, but after I warmed up the engine I could not find my Leak-Down test instrument. So I set the valves incited

I reset my passenger side shock to allow that side to come up a little more. That shock is now set at 1 3/4 turn open. It only goes to 2 1/4 turns open.

I had a strange problem yesterday. My voltmeter would not give any indication. After many minutes of troubleshooting, I finally found a broken lug on a terminal strip. It looked like it was fully engaged but there was no continuity, when I took the screw out of the terminal strip, the wire came loose and the eyelet stayed on the screw. I had verified the meter working with a jumper so I knew it was an open ckt. somewhere. Made me feel like I was back in the Navy doing electrical trouble-shooting!