Today I competed the drivers side of the engine. The heads are torqued, the valves are set at .028″ hot, and the stud girdle is on the rocker studs. I also changed the valve cover gasket on that side. All I have now is some cosmetic things, like body panels, hood and trunk to install. We will also put our Lucus 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil in the crankcase. Today, at 190 degrees F, at 1000 RPM, I had 28 PSI of oil pressure with the 10W-30 Havoline regular oil. We have now had three complete warm-ups and cool-downs and tow or three other starts and stops to let people “Hear the Power”!

We will wait to test on Friday evening at State Capitol Raceway.

Now I can wash and clean my trailer to get ready for Fathers Day! (Engine is complete with four days to spare,)