Today I started the engine and let it run for about 6-8 Min. and the Temp. got up to 185 degrees. That is N.O.T. for my engines because I have such a large radiator. That is right around the temp. that I cross the line during the Summer months. I get back to the trailer at around 190 degrees.

My plan was to set valves and re-torque both heads. No such luck! After running the engine, I had a small pool of oil under the passenger side at the back of the engine. We had pinpointed a valve cover leak in that area yesterday and I was going to change the gasket when I did the valves. After looking very hard from under the car and wiping down all the trails of oil, I discovered a small leak from the area around the starter at the junction of the pan and the block. This has been a source of leaks in the past and I just plain missed it this time. I usually pile a lot of “The Right Stuff” around that area and that takes care of it. Now I had to remove the header and the starter to get to the spot where I put the sealer.

If that was not enough, I started work on the head stud re-torque. To get to #1 stud, you have to remove the rocker. To get to #6 stud, you have to remove the rocker on the intake and exhaust and the both push rod guides to get to the nut on the stud. Since the engine was hot, I checked the lash and it was right on .028″, which was what I wanted to end up with. I had set them at .024″ cold, for the startup. Lucky guess!

Anyway, between leaks, header removal, gasket replacement and trips to the local auto parts store, I did not get the valves set, but I hope I fixed the two leaks. I have the passenger side back to normal and ready to start up for the third warm-up run in the morning.

I hope to torque the driver side head and set the valves and change that valve cover gasket on that side tomorrow. I also want to re-check the valves on the passenger side to make sure all of them are at .o28″ hot.

During the run today, it sounded very good, even better than yesterday. Oh, the plugs on the passenger side looked very good after two runs. I have not been much above 2000 RPM, except a couple of short cracks of the throttle by Kevin. Response is GREAT!

I connected the accelerator cable and put my double return springs on today.