With moral support of many friends, Reggie, Lacey, MaC, Silas, Sr. and Silas, Jr. and the work of Kevin, the engine is running.

On the initial try to get oil pressure, we were at zero (0) PSI. My heart just sunk. We removed the oil line to the gauge and got nothing when we spun the engine. After priming the oil pump, we finally got pressure and upon start-up we had 72 PSI with the 10W-30 regular oil. Everything looks good. We had one small valve cover leak, but we will fix that.

I am very happy! The engine sounds good, but no better than the old 555. I may have been expecting more. Hopefully it will run better that it sounds. Kevin reminded me that we still have to set the timing, reset the valves, hot, and re torque the heads.

We did have one problem, the #5 header tube hit the engine block and had to be dimpled. It is time for a new set of headers. The headers also hit the bottom of the car under the firewall and that had to be knocked back to give the header room. The passenger side fit just fine.

It was late, about 8:15pm when we quit. Tomorrow, after church, I will get the 2nd warm-up and cool down. At that time I will reset all the valves and re torque the heads.

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