After a day of rechecking valves, just to make sure, and getting everything ready for the install, I finally got moving. I am so paranoid about forgetting to put oil in my new engines that I put the oil in while it was still on the engine stand. I’m the same way about water. It will go in as soon as the hoses are connected to the water pump and engine.

There was at least three attempts to get the engine in the engine bay with no success. I finally got my handy-dandy engine installation bar, with the adjustable, sliding connection that allows you to tilt and turn the engine to assist in getting the engine in the proper location to stab it. This thing really works. Only took about 15-20 min., once I got it rigged up with the correct links of chain on each end.

I have the transmission bolted to the engine and all the motor plates connected. That was as far as I got today. Tomorrow, after cutting grass, I will install several of the things that hang on the engine and connect the torque converter. I hope to start up Sunday or Monday.   PHOTOS