The head gaskets finally arrived and I installed the heads and set the valves on the drivers side. In order to do that, I had to install and adjust the push rod guides, which are adjustable. It looks like my push rods will be the correct length.

Yesterday I decided to install the oil pump and oil pan while I was waiting. Good thing because, as usual, I ran into problems. Had to fix two pan screws that go into the timing chain cover. I cheated and installed two oversize metric screws, since the cover was aluminum and the screw cut new threads for me. The pan went on without a problem. Lots of Ultra Gray sealer had to be used to seal the front and rear end of my pan. This has always been a problem with this engine.

I also had made a note back in 2009 that one of my head bolts needed to have a heli-coil installed. I put one in to take care of that problem. When I torqued the head, I had no problem reaching the required torque on the head stud.

Tomorrow I should finish the right side (passenger) of the engine and put the intake manifold in place. The water pump, alternator and crank trigger should be installed next and then I will be ready to put the engine in the race car.

The weather does not look too good for any testing this week. I hope to be started up this weekend. That will give me time to do a good break-in routine.