I took my head back to Jr. at Womack’s and he checked two of the springs while I watched. He checked the coil bind position, the open and closed pressure at a few different positions and installed the two springs. They had previously put my checker springs on #1 cylinder intake and exhaust. I also put all the push rod guides in place, but they are not tight. Have to have the push rods in place with all the valve train equipment to do that (at least that is how I am going to do it).

Since I am waiting on my head gaskets, I decided to do some housekeeping. I changed my transmission fluid. I am trying one of the Amsoil ATF that was recommended by Coan, my converter maker. Up to this point, all I have ever used was Type F ATF of many different brands.

I also disconnected ALL my grounds and cleaned them, along with all of the electrical connections in the trunk going to my two batteries and the disconnect switch. Next I will clean all the grounds under the hood and inside the car. My car has been very reliable, electrical wise, since I removed all the old wiring and replaced it in 2005 when I purchased the car. My car probably has many more grounds than most race cars.

I guess it will be Monday or Tuesday before my head gaskets arrive.