Month: May 2015

Coming Right Along

I got all of my rings cut and ready to be put onto the pistons. I went and got my head gaskets, exhaust gaskets and my break-in oil locally. I had to order a Moroso Hi-Volume oil pump with the welded pickup. I installed two pistons and checked the deck height. I am going to […]
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Pan Is Back From Repair

Stef’s Performance Fabrications did a fine job of repairing my oil pan. They put a 2″ band under the pan that goes up about an inch on each side and welded the whole thing, They also put in a new oil drain plug, with magnet, that looks like one of the four access plugs on […]
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More Spiral Locks, But I Am Learning!

Tonight I attended my churches 1st night of Revival Service. While sitting there listing to the feature speaker, I was reminded of several things that ring true in the Bible and in building this engine. Now what can the Bible and engine building have to do with each other? Let us go back to yesterday, […]
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The Crank Is In!

There are 32 spiral locks on the piston pins. It takes me about 20 min. to put in four (4), or one piston. The first one took over an hour because I put the rod on backwards. I spent 15-20 minutes . trying to figure out how the piston on #1 cylinder should be oriented. […]
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Measure, Measure, Measure!

I made a spread sheet with all my bearing measurements and the required clearances. Since I have not received the rod and main bearings yet, all I can do is measure the crank journals. The crank is still standard. I have the old bearings and they are still in spec so I know the new […]
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O Happy Day! Engine Block Work Is Done!

Remi Baker, at Womack’s Head & Block Shop, called and said everything was ready and today I picked up all my parts. The new Wisco Pistons look very good, and they came with their own rings. The only thing that is not here is the oil pan that I sent back to Stef’s. I will call and […]
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