On Friday of last week I received my rockers and lifters from Comp Cams. They look as good as new!

Today I called Stef’s Performance Products to check on the model and depth of my oil pan. I want to install a Moroso Billet oil pump when I go back up. The pump was a gift, but the oil pan internals must be correct or it will not fit. I purchased my Stef’s oil pan in 2004, I think, or somewhere around there. I talked to a very nice Tech. person and got all the information I needed to install the Moroso oil pump. Just before I hung up, the tech. asked if there was anything else he could do. I told him about my crack that had appeared in August of 2013 that we had repaired twice, and it had re-appeared. The tech. said, “Send it back”. I said I could get it repaired locally again. The Stef’s tech. told me how they would put a band over the crack and weld it from side to side and seal each end of the area, and they would do it for FREE! I just had to pay shipping. I had the pan all cleaned up, packaged and shipped by 3pm today! They are going to do the small mod to fit the oil pump and put new O-rings on the 4 holes in the bottom in addition to fixing the crack.

I have not checked on the block. I have cleaned up most of the parts that will be reused, and the new parts are ready to be installed. Push rods will be the last thing purchased after I check for correct geometry. I have a feeling I will have to buy at least 8 new push rods.