Barbara and I were invited to attend the re-enlistment ceremony of our grandson, Ryland in Mayport, FL on April 16, 2015. We took the rest of the week off and motored over to Mayport, which is just about 20 miles east of Jacksonville, FL. We had a very good trip, with no problems.

The ceremony was at 11:30am and was attended by many of the members of the crew of the Samuel B. Roberts FFG-58. Ryland is a member of the Quartermaster Division and many of the members of the division were on hand to see 3 members of their division, including Division Chief, Chief Quartermaster, QMC(SW) Ector, Leading Petty Officer QM1(SW) Kemp and Ryland, who is a QM2(SW), take the oath and re-enlist.

Mrs. Kemp was presented with a certificate for supporting her husband during the long deployments that the ship has had during the past few years.

After the ceremony, 6 members of the QM Division, Barbara and I, and QM1 Kemp’s wife and mother, went to Fridays for some lunch. A good time was had by all!

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