The car is out of the shop and in the trailer for the first time since October! We will try to make a few passes on Friday night and get some seat time in during eliminations. This will tune us up for Saturday’s competition. I charged the batteries in the car and the trailer, checked all the tires on the car, truck and trailer. I put all the tools back in the truck, along with the folding chairs. Everything seemed to be in goo working order when I put the car in the trailer.
April 2, 2015

Welcome Granddaughter, Tynesha Holbert! Moving From California too, “The Heart Of The South”.

Installed New Carburetor

I could not resist! I installed the new Holley 1250, after waiting on the recommended open spacer to go under it. I had been running a 4-hole Super Sucker for the past 2 years. Before that I had run a stack of of a 4- hole over an open-hole spacer. Both combinations seemed to work. Somewhere I read that each 1′ of added spacer moves the power band of the engine up by 500 RPM. I did not need that at all, in fact, running 1/8 mile, I may be better off with no spacer. later on, I will have to run a test to see what is best.

This carburetor was suppose to be for the new engine. I started it up yesterday and meed all the adjustments to the idle screws, idle RPM and float level. It sounds super, and the response is great, it usually is when I finish with them! This one seems to have a little better response than most. Maybe it is the Power Valve in the front that I did not remove and toss in the trash can. Holley insists on putting them in their carburetors and I always remove them, install a plug, and normally get better performance, I don’t have to worry about blowing it out if I backfire, and I don’t have to worry about low engine vacuum making me too rich at low engine RPM. I decided to try it this time. The setting on the Power Valve is 4.5 in. of vac., which is fairly low and is most likely lower than my idle vacuum. The carburetor came from the factory with 92 jets in the front, with the power valve, and 102 jets in the rear, with no power valve.

I would love to go try it out this weekend, but there is not much chance of taking the car out. My neighbor passed away and her funeral is Saturday. Maybe I can go and park on Friday, get a few passes in, and make it back before eliminations on Saturday afternoon.