The weather looks good for Friday, Sat. and Sun. this coming weekend. The Temps. are suppose to be in the 60’s and no rain. Maybe I can get out and knock the newness off of my slicks and get the new shocks adjusted.

I have been accumulating parts for my new motor, AFR heads and head studs, Victor Jr. intake and 1250 Holley carburetor. Trying not to go too much in debt and that makes it a slow process. Many of the parts for the new engine are still on the old engine, which is still running good at this point. On that note, I am still trying to decide what will be used again and what will be replaced. I know I will use the crank. I want new rods and pistons. The block is the biggest decision point. It cannot go back as a 555, but with new pistons and bore to 4.600″, I could make it a 565 cid and that’s what I really want.

The new camera, Nikon D7100, is great! Take a look at the photos from the Nitro Jam – Saturday. For the most part, they came out excellent. They would not let me go into the staging lane area (I did not try very hard) so most of my shots were taken from the 1st grandstand and walking around. The camera, with the 18-200mm lens, lets me get a lot of real good shots from almost anywhere.

My oldest daughter, Cynthia, is enrolled in Jr. College right now and is taking a course in Photography. She is as good or better than I am. Cynthia got a B+ in her first semester of Photography. She learned how to handle a camera when she was very young, maybe 7-8 years old. She is a Sony person and has some real nice Sony cameras and lens. Cynthia took 4 classes this semester and got, A, A, B+ and B+. I am very proud of her. She wants to be a Fashion Designer. She is also a very good artist (from her mothers side). I cannot draw a straight line!