Although I did not run, I still enjoyed watching all the fast cars and the production of the live event. State Capitol posted a reply to a upset biker about the parking that I thought was a very nice responses. Go on the SCR Facebook page to see it. Mother Nature is hard to deal with sometimes and we cannot always have the best of conditions for outdoor events.

PHOTOS – Friday       Photos – Saturday

Did Not Race…

No excuse, just not feeling it after all the rain and forecast. I did go out to the track on Friday and looked at the conditions and parking availability, and decided again not to bring the car.

Congratulations to Silas, Jr., who drives the black S-10 truck, on winning Top Doorslammer class! Since 1320go did not post the runs for eliminations in Top, I could not see all the results. I was told that Silas made his final pass around 3:30am, Sunday morning.

I left the track around 10pm Saturday night after being out there for 11 hours and feeling very beat. I would have been in worse shape if I had the car. Old age is not a lot of fun, but the alternative is worse! I thank God all the time for letting me do what I can do at this age.

I will post photos later. Some from Friday and a lot from Saturday.

I just happened to be sitting at the end of the pit side grand stand when the little truck from “Street Outlaws” went over the wall on the other side of the track. It had gotten dark and I was not taking any photos at the time. The lady is very blessed that she walked away. I had just taken a few photos of the truck in the pit area. She had made a great pass in the same lane earlier in the day. I watched the episode of the “Street Outlaws” show when she turned the truck over at Thunder Valley drag strip. She might consider staying on the streets of OKC and away from the tracks!